Taking online courses have become a lifestyle for some people. It’s easy and convenient, all you need are gadgets and internet then you can learn whatever you want. However, learning something online requires discipline, time management, and strong motivations. These are three tips to learn the Indonesian language through online methods:

Understand the system and expectations

When you purchase an Indonesian course online package, you have to know the learning system and method so you can have your expectation in the right place. For example, if you purchase an Indonesian course online package with low price, you can’t expect that you will get credible materials or professional native instructors.

Also, to learn something online successfully, you need to be very disciplined and dedicate your time to study and practice. You have to concentrate more because you are not in a classroom. You need to manage the urge to skip the class or not doing your assignments.

Learning goals

You need to identify your learning goals so you can choose the right Indonesian course online package. You need to stay on track while taking the courses, therefore you need a goal. With a learning goal, you can make your study plan and it can be your path to your goal. Learning the Indonesian language for fun and for educational or business purpose is different.

If you learn the language for fun or travelling, you may only need the lighter package when you can learn the Indonesian language once a week or so. If you learn the Indonesian language for business or educational purpose, you need to brush up your skill and purchase the more serious package. But what if you already purchased one? That’s okay, just continue your package and you can choose another package in the next term.

Study plan

The study plan is important for online learning. First, you need to make your own learning schedule. You have to learn how to manage your own time to study and to do your assignments. Then you have to create a to-do-list to make sure what kind of task you have to do in a week or month. Third, you have to stay on your schedule. If you find any difficulties in making a study plan, you can ask your instructor for help.

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